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A Story of Adoption

and Blended Families   


                by  Chauncey Smith

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Chauncey's Story


Chauncey Smith had loving, attentive parents and a safe, nurturing home. But he knew a piece of him was missing—a relationship with his biological parents. Adopted as an infant, Chauncey was raised with the importance of Family and Faith. But it wasn’t until adulthood, when Chauncey set out on a quest to locate his biological mother and father, that he truly understood this.

At times joyous, at times heartbreaking, Chauncey’s journey included his adoptive parents and siblings, friends, and biological family members who didn’t even know who he was. His determination to make peace with his past culminated in an experience readers won’t be likely to forget.

Written for those raised by their biological parents as well as adoptees, So That’s Who I Am sheds light on what it’s like to be adopted and provides a relatable yet unique story sure to resonate with other adoptees. Regardless of their backgrounds, however, readers will learn that adoptees didn’t have a choice: our first inheritance was abandonment. We are simply different—neither better nor worse—and we can find healing in this journey.

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"Chauncey’s story teaches us how the colors, flavors and purpose of our lives are affected by those who GIVE us life and those who help MAKE our life!"


—  Ruta Lee, Hollywood legend from movies, TV & stage


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